The Daily Stormer will be Back on the Surface Internet – Until Then, We are Still on Tor


I just want to make it clear to everyone that the Daily Stormer will be back.

Right now, we are working through technical issues that no one in the history of the internet has ever had to deal with. And we aren’t getting any help.

This is a big thing.

However, the site is still functioning and I am still writing as usual. My writing is as good as it ever was. Better, perhaps.

We are on the Darknet.


In fact, we are the biggest website ever on the Darknet.

In order to access the site, you simply have to download Tor browser:

And then put this address in the URL bar:


You can then view the site as usual.

The only thing that is not working is the forum and comments section. That is complicated to get running, and we chose instead to focus on getting back on the real internet.

For any and all updates on the situation, you need to sign up for Gab and follow me there.

I am posting there all day and keeping people updated on things, as well as posting screenshots of articles for people to share.

On This Blog

It’s unclear what I’m allowed to say on this blog. It is clear that my politics as well as certain forms of jokes have been banned now by an international tech cartel.

However, as it could be another week before I am on the internet, I may post some stuff here and see what it takes to get banned.

For instance:

Are my views on women internationally banned by this corporate cartel?

What about my diet advice?

Gym routines and other fitness advice?

I’m not sure. But it would be interesting to know.

And clearly, it is unlikely that this cabal which has come down on me is likely to send me a letter with lists of things I’m allowed to say and what I am not allowed to say.

I will, hopefully later today, be doing a write-up on the various reasons that I was supposedly banned by all of these companies. I will be posting that here as well as on the Daily Stormer, as I believe that that is something that should be available on the surface internet right now.

Andrew Anglin
Letters from Internet Prison
August 27, 2017