I was Born in 1984


I was born on July 27th in the Year of Our Lord Nineteen-hundred and Eighty-Four.

The book that carries the name of the year I was born, which was published in 1948, introduced the concept of a dystopian future where individuals could be “unpersoned.”


As it were, in this same year that I have been kicked off of the internet because my politics – or perhaps my humor, it’s not clear – were considered simply too darned offensive, I have turned thirty-three. This is the same age that Jesus Christ was when he was crucified by the Sanhedrin for politically incorrect speech against the Jewish establishment of the time.

Of course, the Sanhedrin did not actually crucify him themselves, but bullied the ruling powers to do so, under threat of a mob revolt.

Fifty years ago today, on August 25th, 1967, George Lincoln Rockwell, the leader of the American Nazi Party, a man who could have saved this country, was assassinated.

To add to this strange numerology, we are exactly 50 years out from 1967, when the cultural revolutionaries declared the “Summer of Love.” And, on August 21st, less than a week after I became the first person to be effectively kicked off of the internet, a decision made by a cabal of tech executives who have the ability to do such things, and exactly 10 days after the torchlight march in Charlottesville, we witnessed a total solar eclipse cross the United States.

The sun turned black.

Movements of the stars have throughout human history been seen as omens, denoting energy shifts which alter the human experience.

I believe that we are entering a new age.

Everything will change. Things will happen that you would have never imagined possible. Hell will break loose. The streets will be lined with blood. And from this chaos, a new order will emerge.

I believe this process will take less than a decade. Perhaps 7 years.

But these are going to be very difficult years. Steel yourselves.

Be prepared, as best you can.

A darkness is descending on us all. And only the strongest of us will make it through it.

And to think: all I ever wanted to do was make fun of minorities on the internet.

Andrew Anglin
Letters from Internet Prison
August 25, 2017